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A smarter way
to sign your document

Sign and certify documents securely from desktop or device without complex setups or data sharing. Protect your data with advanced signature encryption and verification, without sharing your data online.

A smarter way
to sign your document

Powering trust with Dedoco

An easy boost for your efficiency and security

Digital signature tools save time, but can be a security blindspot. dSign is for businesses who understand the value and the risk of online transactions — and prefer not to share their data.

Real time verification

Dedoco’s decentralized platform uses advanced blockchain technology to track documents in real time. Verify signed documents anytime, on any device, before signing.

Real time verification

Fully compliant
out of the box

This is next-gen document management: Dedoco doesn’t need to hold your data for secure signatures. The no-store solution makes dSign instantly data compliant, with none of the long checking processes that can hold a project back.

Fully compliant out 
of the box

Outsmart fraud

dSign integrates with national and private identity providers, like Singapore Government’s Singpass. With trusted authentication, you’ll always know who is who.

Outsmart fraud

dSign features


Draw, type or upload via desktop and mobile

Secure signature

Signature and document data are securely interlinked


Tamper-proof automated agreements


Open architecture to protect privacy and secure data


Authenticate users via email, phone or ID partners


Full document history and versioning for a shared truth

Next-gen trust & security powered by the Dedoco Trust Engine

Behind our seamless and secure document ecosystem, Dedoco’s next-gen engine runs on the blockchain without ever missing a beat. The technology is complex, but the process and impact are simple:

1.  Generate document thumbprint

Every document gets a unique digital thumbprint, or hash, which is stored on the blockchain without the need to store the document itself.

2. Track document interactions

Any interaction with a document is immutably stored on the blockchain in real time — no one can change the history or chain of custody.

3. Certify transaction completion

When a transaction is completed, Dedoco generates a Certificate of Completion providing a full audit trail and immutably stores it on the blockchain for future verification.

Dedoco has brought digital signing out of the dark ages.

James Croyle
Partner dev. Manager, Microsoft

Dedoco's solutions have greatly enhanced our customer experience and relationship.

Jared Low
Financial Planner, AXA Insurance

With Dedoco, we have streamlined our workflow and built clients’ trust by providing a secured solution for them.

Marcus Chu
CEO, ERA Realty

GovTech is delighted to partner Dedoco, to provide secure digital signing capabilities for all Singpass users.

Kwok Quek Sin
Senior Director, GovTech SIngapore

When signing a valuation report, Dedoco allows for seamless compliance and efficiency.

Sam Lee
Partner, Paloe Finance