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Create, store and record digital signatures for all your document transactions with Dedoco's powerful APIs and software solutions designed to help you digitalise your document workflow

Document Management: Easy integration with any repository

Plug into the application with Dedoco's open technology. Create digital forms and link them to the workflow for digital collaboration. Build a paperless workplace and collaborate digitally with your team.

Known for our exceptional decentralised document management solutions, our Forms-as-a-Service offers:
- Efficient integration with the help of top-notch compatibility
- User-friendly interface makes the solution easy to learn
- Streamlined and decentralised document management for companies and organisations
- Options for digital signing, cloud access and storing, and collaborative digital workspace
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What Our Document Management Solution Has to Offer

Saves money and time

No more printing of documents and worrying about document courier fees. Our document management solution allows documents to be accessible 24/7 on cloud so you can access them as soon as they are uploaded.

Enhanced Data Security

Our document signing solution is proven to be more secure against identity theft and forgery. Encrypted code applies to every digital signature to allow for reliable verification.

Cloud Storing and Access

Since cloud offers unlimited storage, you can keep important documents no matter the number. They will also be accessible online as long as you grant access to the requesting party.

Dynamic Forms

Is your world still dominated by pdfs? Now, you have the flexibility to build different forms for specific conditions.

We are offering online forms that will make digital document management more efficient. We understand that digital documents should not be in the same format. Even in physical copies, format for survey forms are different from memorandums. To efficiently streamline your document management in the digital setting, we make various online forms available for your needs. All of which are made compatible for virtual document signing.

Custom templates

Make a statement by creating custom templates for common uses that are tailored to your preferences.

Provide your intended recipients with a unique link to visit and complete. Our forms are not just ready for digital document signing, they may also be customised to include your company or organisation themes, logo and more. This way, sending out forms outside your company can double as a marketing strategy. While making document management efficient, you can also improve your audience’s retention of your brand.

Secure submissions

Gone were the days when document management includes printing multiple copies of corporate documents, signing them, delivering them to the other signatories, collecting them and scanning them for digital copy while storing the physical copy in filing cabinets. Tedious indeed not to mention unsecured. With our document management solution, returning information from forms and contracts back to your system is easy. Tap on a platform that is highly interoperable, with robust security management with no-store data or documents.

Improve your digital document management with our Form-as-a-Service Solution today!