Virtual Signature: MEET. RECORD. SIGN

VideoSign enhances electronic digital signatures by authenticating and verifying the identity of each participant in a virtual meeting. All parties can access a real-time video recording of the conversation, meeting, and signed documents that can serve as evidence or witness with observers.
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How It Works


Meet your co-signatories virtually over a secure platform. You may discuss the papers before signing them or have a legal authority witness the signing without worrying about geographical limitations.


The platform will allow you to record the video and audio of the virtual conference. It can be accessed later on by the parties present in the meeting.
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Equipped with a virtual signature solution, each party can sign the documents online. Virtual signatures can be affixed through scribbles or attachment.


VideoSign lets you orchestrate real-time events or signing ceremonies online with multiple participants in one unified platform, connecting remote signers from dispersed locations together. This virtual signature platform is highly ideal for events including:

Job Contract Signing
The employer, HR personnel and the applicant can all collaborate in the virtual signing platform for the contract signing. This way, the applicant can ask questions directly to the management before signing the contract. It helps well for work-from-home settings.

Signing of MOU or MOA
If you need to sign a memorandum along with your business partner or employees but cannot do so due to geographical boundaries, our virtual signature platform is for you.

Notarization of official documents
Notarization of documents involves the presence of a legal officer to witness the signing and affix his or her signature on the document. If face to face notarization is impossible, it can be done through our virtual signing solution.


Registers the document on the blockchain, preventing possible fraud and data breaches with real time verification and tamper-proof documentation.

Our VideoSign is equipped with blockchain technology. This means that all documents and files being uploaded into the system will be subjected to intricate data security measures to ensure only authorised parties can access the files. This will avoid data breaches, especially for sensitive meetings and documents where confidentiality must be observed at all cost. It further captures the identity of the signatories, the audio of the meeting and the virtual signature for databasing and future references.


Create legally binding and tamper-proof signatures supported with video recording throughout the process electronically.

Contracts that are signed with virtual signature are kept securely in a single repository and are accessible to authorised individuals. As a result, record-keeping will go far more smoothly than it would with conventional agreements. Data security protections are available thanks to blockchain technology. You can be certain that virtual signing will give you the confidentiality you need. Some of the notable features of our virtual signature platform include cloud-based encryption, a secure repository, designated access rights, and more.