Enhance your document workflow with trusted credentials

Dedoco ID is fully integrated with all our API products, enabling you to securely verify signers’ identities prior to accessing your documents. After each successful verification, the signer can view and sign the agreement.

digital identity

Create, store and record digital signatures for all your document transactions with Dedoco's powerful APIs and software solutions designed to help you digitalise your document workflow

Easily manage your document workflow

Employment verified by employers allows for a tighter control of who’s representing your organisation. No 3rd parties involved, seamless onboarding by uploading an employee information through a standard template.

Have full visibility of your document workflows

You can control who is allowed to create, sign, approve and observe. You also give allow access over the type of documents, templates and their respective process flow.

Adding an
additional trust layer

You can choose to add on an additional layer of trust from other certificate authorities if required.

Integrate Identity
with any 3rd-party applications


Using Identity API for employment verification