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Make Digital Trust Your Competitive Advantage

Discover the Dedoco Trust Engine, where trust and security converge within your business's digital workflows.

As the unrivaled industry leader in next-generation enterprise software, Dedoco empowers businesses to embed trust in their brand, people and workflows.

Trust begins here, with the Dedoco Trust Engine.

What Dedoco can do for your business

Dedoco Trust Engine:

A fully integrated suite of digital trust products

We empower businesses like yours to seamlessly embed trust in your digital workflows and communications. Leverage our extensive range of solutions, including Ping, d:Sign, d:VideoSign, d:Cert and d:Forms, to establish unwavering trust in your brand, people, and workflows.

Our adaptable multi-chain solutions are designed to cater to your evolving needs and much more. Embed trust into your business workflows with Dedoco today.

Trust APIs
Integrate, innovate with smart APIs
Trust APIs illustration
App Suite
Ready-to-use tools, no coding required
App Suite illustration
Tap into unmatched industry experience
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Trust APIs

Build the most trusted business workflows your way

Evolve to the new era of trusted transactions without sacrificing security, speed or availability. Dedoco APIs integrate with your existing apps to avoid complex migration or downtime.

App Suite

Ready to use next-gen digital workflow solutions

Add the Dedoco functionality you need for trusted business transactions now. Our apps include video signatures, verifying qualifications, and secure document workflows.


Tap into unmatched blockchain industry expertise

Embrace the Web3 revolution and achieve transformative growth beyond document management, supported by our unparalleled blockchain expertise and Web3 research and development capabilities.

delab consulting illustration

deLab's consulting unlocks blockchain opportunities, driving value through tailored solutions.

Ideal for: Enterprises investing in blockchain-based innovation

delab research illustration

Our research unlocks blockchain potential, helping business & seizing emerging trends.

Ideal for: Businesses exploring specific blockchain and Web3 use cases

delab ecosystem illustration

Creates tools that are customisable & interoperable like explorer, wallets & open APIs.

Ideal for: Developers supporting growing businesses with Dedoco APIs

Why Dedoco

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Increased trust
Embed trust in your brand, people, and workflows, improving customer confidence and loyalty
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Plug and play
Integrates with any existing systems, eliminating the need for any replacement of current system
2 purple arrows circling each other with circles around them
Customizable solutions
Customised for your specific needs for enhanced efficiency and cost effectiveness
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Modular adoption
We design our solutions with modular & incremental functionalities, offering easy adoption & seamless integration
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Improved compliance
We help businesses comply with regulatory requirements and ensure data privacy and security
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Enhanced efficiency
We can help you save time and reduce costs by streamlining workflows and reducing manual intervention

Everything you need to create, connect and embed digital trust in your entire business workflow

Ready to use tools, no coding required
We are Web2 friendly
Our Web2-friendly APIs require no blockchain expertise and can be accessed through a simple API call. 
Integrate, then innovate with smart APIs
Multi-chain orchestrator
Bridge across multiple blockchain networks with our solutions, verifying end-to-end workflows through a simple API call.
Tap into unmatched industry expertise
Omni-channel protection
Our embedded verification technology supports the most business-critical communications channels. 
Get to market faster,
easier & more securely
Secure and tamper-proof
The platform ensures the integrity of data by using trust technology to secure transactions and create tamper-proof records.

Dedoco has brought digital signing out of the dark ages.

James Croyle
Partner dev. Manager, Microsoft

Dedoco's solutions have greatly enhanced our customer experience and relationship.

Jared Low
Financial Planner, AXA Insurance

With Dedoco, we have streamlined our workflow and built clients’ trust by providing a secured solution for them.

Marcus Chu
CEO, ERA Realty

GovTech is delighted to partner Dedoco, to provide secure digital signing capabilities for all Singpass users.

Kwok Quek Sin
Senior Director, GovTech SIngapore

When signing a valuation report, Dedoco allows for seamless compliance and efficiency.

Sam Lee
Partner, Paloe Finance