Capture real-time document evidence

Dedoco's Verify is essentially about proving that the intended signer made a digital document transaction.

Our document verification service checks the documents' hash information on the date, location and time the signature was made. It ensures that documents are not tampered with.

evidence trail

Create, store and record digital signatures for all your document transactions with Dedoco's powerful APIs and software solutions designed to help you digitalise your document workflow

Track changes with
real-time verification

When you receive your signed documents, you can verify if the copy is real by using Verify.

Our verification processes are real-time and time-stamped. This highly reduces the risk of fraud for your business.

Have total control of your document audit trail

Track, monitor and preserve interaction of recipients and signers via a detailed audit trail.

The workflow evidence is stored in the documents themselves, allowing companies to access past interactions easily.

Achieve unparalleled document protection

All your document transactions are governed by smart contracts and are tamper-proof.

Smart contracts use the concept of hash, which is a document verification feature similar to a  fingerprint. Tampering documents will cause the hash addressed to change.

Integrate Verify
with any 3rd-party applications

Dedoco's document verification processes allow integration with any 3rd party applications.

As a result, businesses and customers alike benefit from our high-security document verification, regardless of platform.


Using Verify API to power forms with secure document verification