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Zero-knowledge proof
Proof of employment requirements fulfilment without revealing the actual details
Trusted digital name card
Improved version of physical name cards with proof of employment status infused

Creating your own
QR code

Employee details are contained within the QR code and registered on the blockchain

Verifying the identity

Scan the QR code of the employee and verify details on the Hired platform

Key Results

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Average monthly signups since we launched in June 2018.
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Why use hired?


Trusted proof of your employment, even after you left the company


Provide proof of employment of potential hires, update details without changing QR code and reduce misrepresentation
" Hired helps me to keep track of employee records efficiently and quicker. It is also very useful when ID employees meet clients as they can easily prove their employment status. It acts as an alternative but improved version of physical name cards in client engagement.
Teddy Sun
Director, ID integrated
" Hired makes it easy for me to prove any employment status and experience at C&C. It has also brought me the benefits of being able to gain my clients’ trust more easily as they are able to scan the QR codes to verify my profile using Hired’s blockchain system.
Aris Chia
Senior Consultant, C&C iSolutions