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Better decisions in healthcare when moments matter

The document workflow management system transforming healthcare with a single source of truth, protection for sensitive data, and instant patient identification for faster clinical care.

Powering trust in professional services

A healthy audit
trail of decisions

Dedoco’s accredited, no-store data solution provides a compliant environment for capturing, tracking and auditing accurate and accessible healthcare information.

ISO 27001 and Information Management Development Authority (IMDA) accredited

Smart workflows automated in one channel
Just some of the workflows we can help you with:

Manage patient data

Accreditation checks

Patient consent forms

Monitoring clinical trials

Tamper-proof documents, unbreakable trust

Secure the single source of truth everyone can agree on. With the immutable power of blockchain, fraudulent or erroneous contracts are a thing of the past.

Dedoco flexes to how you work

Use it now with our App Suite or build with our open API environment. Start from templates or from scratch to unlock secure document workflows that scale.

Ready to use App Suite

Our App Suite makes complex technology accessible by unlocking blockchain functionality without a complex setup. Get started with dSign for secure signatures or dVideoSign for time-stamped agreements in real-time virtual meetings.

Ready to use App Suite

Custom builds with our open APIs

Integrate with a decentralized, API first environment. Build customized document workflows for your business, your way. Make the most of advanced Web3 technology, infrastructure flexibility, and blockchain-based verification.

Custom builds with our open APIs


time savings

vs paper-based systems

Dedoco has brought digital signing out of the dark ages.

James Croyle
Partner dev. Manager, Microsoft

Dedoco's solutions have greatly enhanced our customer experience and relationship.

Jared Low
Financial Planner, AXA Insurance

With Dedoco, we have streamlined our workflow and built clients’ trust by providing a secured solution for them.

Marcus Chu
CEO, ERA Realty

GovTech is delighted to partner Dedoco, to provide secure digital signing capabilities for all Singpass users.

Kwok Quek Sin
Senior Director, GovTech SIngapore

When signing a valuation report, Dedoco allows for seamless compliance and efficiency.

Sam Lee
Partner, Paloe Finance