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Dedoco Trust Centre

Trust is the foundation of successful collaborations, and Dedoco is here to help you build that foundation.

With our commitment to trust technology and your dedication to delivering remarkable experiences, together, we can create a world where trust is at the core of every interaction.

Dedoco Certifications

Dedoco is committed to meet or surpass rigorous global security standards. We are deeply committed to and continuously invest in safeguarding customer data across all our operational environments.

SGD accreditation
2022 Innovation Index - Dedoco

Current system status

Get detailed information about the current system status across all Dedoco Trust products and solutions.

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Ensuring data trust at every level.

We prioritise data and digital security through rigorous practices, processes, and tools throughout our product lifecycle.

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Respecting your privacy is our top priority.

We value your privacy and trust. Find comprehensive privacy resources for information on your rights and making informed choices.

Our Privacy Policy
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Ensuring compliance is at the core of our values.

We prioritise compliance to protect your data, adhering to industry standards and regulations for security and privacy.

Stay updated with the latest news and insights on trust in the digital world. 

Discover our comprehensive resource library to gain entry to our latest insights, featuring in-depth information on our robust security measures, adherence to industry standards and regulatory compliance, and a wealth of valuable resources for assessing our solutions with ease.

Trust Resources

Dive deeper into Dedoco's robust trust & security efforts

Building Consumer Trust in Today’s Digital Market

Embracing Digital Trust: Unleashing the Power of Blockchain for Business Processes

The Benefits of Digital Trust