Financial Services
Dedoco’s e-signature automation capabilities enable the Financial Services industry to create legally binding agreements and blockchain-enabled Certificate of Completion that are verifiable long into the future.

Custom templates

Leveraging custom templates to improve customer experience and operational efficiency


Managing complex workflows through the customization of roles and functions within a signing process


Securing sensitive data with advanced file transfer options including ‘no store’ of your documents on the Dedoco platform

Document Solutions

Dedoco Secure Share - end-to-end file encrypted files sharing
 Dedoco Hash Check - authentication and verification
‘No store’ document sharing method for sensitive data
Dedoco Verify – blockchain-based ‘Certification of Completion’
E-Signature Bulk Send
Document Versioning

Use Cases

Account Opening
Transfer of Assets
Credit Reports
Disclosures & Term Sheets
Facility Applications

Pain Points

● Customers are often required to move between channels to complete multiple documents
● Co-ordination among departments to expedite decisions are often manual
● Chain of actions and processes are unnecessarily complex and lengthy


● Embedded e-sign within platform
● ‘No Store’ file transfer method implemented
● Structured Video Signing workflows


● Improved customer journey
● Maintain secure environment during finalisation
● Immutable Evidence Trail & improved participant experience