Personal digital ID

Digital Identification or digital ID usually issued or regulated by a national ID scheme provides individuals and organizations the ability to keep track of digital footprints securely and efficiently.

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evidence trail

Create, store and record digital signatures for all your document transactions with Dedoco's powerful APIs and software solutions designed to help you digitalise your document workflow

Real-time verification

Improves risk management and streamlines employee authentication. Information such as qualifications and accreditations, employment status is managed digitally. Real-time verification guards against unauthorized access, misuse and theft, and fraud. Designed for the creation of security passes, temporary access, or exclusive access.

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Protect your identity

Organizations grapple with data breaches, cyber-intrusions, and concerns over control and misuse of personal data. Hired allows quick updates of employees' or individuals' status, details, records, and certifications, minimizing manual errors or breaches of conduct.

Unique QR Code

Every individual is issued a unique QR Code. Information is determined by the issuer, such as qualifications and accreditations, employment status. Employers are able to authenticate the entry of employees, members, visitors to a work premise.

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