Real Estate
The paperwork involved in closing real estate industry deals – whichever side of the transaction you’re on – can be challenging to track and complete. Dedoco offers real estate brokers, agents, buyers, and sellers a faster way to move documents through the transaction process and get deals done.

Smart Workflows

Enabling smart workflows -select parties, define order and allocate different oversight roles

Legal Agreements

Creating legally binding agreements with time stamped, blockchain verifiable Certificates of Completion

Approval Process

Reducing the time to close through seamlessly integrating identity providers into the approval process

Document Solutions

Dedoco Secure Share - End-to-end File Encrypted Files Sharing
Dedoco Verify - Blockchain-based ‘Certification of Completion’
Video-Signing Platform
Document Versioning

Pain Points

● Difficult to verify identity of parties during a transaction
● Signed documents are not returned to the correct location for storage
● Time delays in getting agreements signed


● Integrated certificate authority
● Cloud storage integration
● Automated follow-ups


● Greater evidentiary value
● Operational efficiency gains 
● Shortened time to close a deal

Use Cases

Buyer Personal Particulars
Letter of Intent
Sale & Purchase Agreement
Stamp Duty
Tenancy Agreement