Professional Services

Modern organisations expect secure digital experiences for all interactions with their trusted partners and clients. Dedoco helps Professional Services organisations ensure the highest level of data protection and security by verifying all document versions and workflows during an agreement's finalisation.

Dedoco helps you by


Integrating your existing technology stack for efficiency gains across all stages of a documents lifecycle


Embedding signing into your workspace to create a seamless user experience


Providing a video signing for remote AGM’s and other collaborative processes

Document Solutions

Dedoco Secure Share - end to end file encrypted files sharing
Dedoco Hash Check - ‘no store’ document sharing method
Dedoco Verify - blockchain based ‘Certification of Completion’
E-Signature Bulk Send
Video-Signing Platform
Embedded Signing

Pain Points

● Customer directed to 3rd party site for signing process
● Disjointed coordination of sensitive documentation
● Unprofessional coordination of virtual events & supporting documentation


● Embedded e-sign within platform
● ‘No Store’ filetransfer method implemented
● Structured Video Signing workflows


● Improved customer journey
● Maintain secure environment during finalisation
● Immutable EvidenceTrail & improved participant experience

Use Cases

Letter of Engagements
Audit Reports
Confidentiality Agreements
Tax Registration Document
Contract Management
Engagement Letters
Engagement Letters
Memoranda of Understanding