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Leadership Team
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ZJ Loh

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Chief Technology Officer
Engineering Leader, 21 years tech experience in US, Scaling large platforms

With over two decades of tech experience in the US, he has held pivotal leadership roles, driving strategy, fostering innovation, and delivering impactful results. His prior experience included as Head of Engineering at YouTrip in Singapore, where he led the launch of its enterprise financial product, YouBiz before joining us; and at Uber in US, where he led a large Customer Obsession Org of 120 engineers, driving the platformization of Bliss, the customer care system; and implementing GraphQL as the standard for front-end data fetching. His significant contributions included developing Orchestrator, a JSON-based workflow management system for customer care, leading to saving Uber over $1 billion in customer support operational costs.

His earlier journey included key roles at Kahuna, Inc, NICE Systems, and Merced Systems, where he consistently aims to deliver technological solutions that drive business growth and enhance user experiences. His proven record in driving digital transformation underlines his readiness to continue contributing to the technology sector's evolution. As Chief Technology Officer of Dedoco, he drives the company’s technological vision and fosters talents to deliver high-quality enterprise software to our most discerning customers.