Beating the Bias: The Glass Ceiling effect and its impact on women in the workplace

Daphne Ng, CEO and Co-Founder of Dedoco

“Technology is the core of the digital economy. Working in a male-dominated industry where women only make up around 30% in STEM, it’s critical to have representation in a sector where I see the future of work headed. The rapid digital advancement of our world provides an abundance of opportunities, which is why I want to help drive diversity in this field.

“Growing up in a family business environment, I understood the importance of guidance and leadership from early on, which also laid the foundation of my journey to becoming the CEO of a technology start-up.

“Furthermore, I want to keep encouraging women to pursue careers in technology, which is why we launched a Girls-in-Tech (GIT) Hub in January of this year. It’s a forum for inspiring, nurturing, and mentoring the company’s female employees to cultivate an empowered team.”

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