Let’s Talk: How to create a truly inclusive culture

Raj Anand, Director & Country Manager of Dedoco

“Inclusivity is not just about creating a workspace where people feel accepted, but also encouraging a culture of diversity, thus, enabling cross-pollination of ideas. Particularly when the business world is advancing tremendously due to technology,  it’s important to cultivate a people-based environment of creativity and innovation through open communication across your team.

“You need to be able to capture and understand a range of voices to avoid bias and a siloed way of thinking. Not only will this mitigate the risk of resistance, but it will attract and retain staff because we’ve proven that people’s experiences and ideas will be acknowledged and valued.

‘It can be easy for leaders to seem all talk and no walk when it comes to diversity and inclusion, so it is motivating to have Daphne Ng as our CEO and co-founder embody our values. Especially when women in STEM still make up a small portion of the industries, having launched the Girls-in-Tech (GIT) Hub this year at Dedoco empowers our female employees to make their mark in the tech industry.”

Full article here: https://dynamicbusiness.com/leadership-2/lets-talk-business/lets-talk-how-to-create-a-truly-inclusive-culture-2.html