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CNA938's Work It with Susan Ng


How are we helping organisations protect themselves by safeguarding their customers against scams? Our VP of Partnerships, Jason Williamson, joined CNA938’s Susan Ng earlier today to talk about this pressing issue and discussed how DeMail™ will play a part in strengthening digital trust between business and consumer. Just under three weeks into unveiling DeMail, the response has already been overwhelming.

Jason shared that as we navigate the “scam-demic”, an innovative and effective omni-channel solution is needed to finally stand our ground against the rising threat of increasingly sophisticated online scams. With DeMail™, we are already tackling channels like email and SMS to provide a direct way for recipients to get assurances of authenticity in real-time. But innovation will need to continue, using the right technology, to ensure we stay ahead of these bad actors.

How does it work?

Tune in to the full interview to learn more!

Ready to be an early adopter?

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