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Dedoco Trust Engine

True Data Ownership on the New Internet

Web3 is the start of a decentralized internet that is transparent, secure and accessible. All of our products are powered by the Dedoco Trust Engine that embeds trust, traceability and verifiability for every record.

Dedoco Trust Engine empowers businesses to streamline their processes, eliminate manual paperwork, and elevate the security and reliability of their digital transactions.

Legacy systems are siloed, unadaptable and disconnected

Traditional document management systems demand invasive implementation and lack transformational agility. The risks to data gaps, document security, trust and compliance make them incompatible with modern networks and businesses.

Secure your future with the next-gen Trust Engine

Web3 enables true ownership of your documents and digital assets via verified sharing, tokenization and smart contracts.

Principles underpinning Dedoco Trust Engine:



Approach to platform structure that allows organizations and users to have ‘full control and residency’.

Next-gen technology

Blockchain-powered, fosters a more robust and flexible infrastructure capitalizing on Web3.


Smart contracts

Document management built on smart contracts.


Document and transactions are registered with immutable evidence trail, making the records trusted and verifiable.


API first

Facilitates integrations, and supports go-to-market strategy for reach and scale.

Open connectivity

Integration with drives, storage, systems, marketplaces, productivity, and automation tools.

What makes our Dedoco Trust Engine work

Dedoco Infrastructure

While traditionally the DMS is built for providers rather than user needs, Web3 is deployed on a resilient infrastructure where tamper-proofing of documents and workflows ensures authenticity.

Dedoco Hashcheck

A document hash is registered for every document registered on Dedoco, and for every document change. Signers can verify versions before they sign or approve with complete transparency using Hashcheck.

Dedoco Verify

Tracks the chain of custody of a document and provides instant verification from the blockchain. Once a document is registered with Dedoco, real-time verification provides information of your project content and a signing certificate.

What Dedoco can do for your business

App Suite

Ready to use tools, no coding required

Ready to use tools, no coding required

Dedoco's App Suite empowers business transactions. Instantly verify documents, signatures, certificates and identities.

Trust APIs

Integrate, then innovate with smart APIs

Integrate, then innovate with smart APIs

Unlock signing, authentication, verification, versioning and template APIs that support go-to-market strategy for reach and scale.


Tap into unmatched industry expertise

Tap into unmatched industry expertise

Go beyond document management to drive transformational growth, backed by unmatched blockchain and Web3 expertise.