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Guide: How to sign a contract online?



Online contract signing is significant for every business that requires an efficient way to organise contracts. There are some traditional methods to sign a contract, such as printing out documents, signing them, scanning them, and sending them through email, which is complicated and time-consuming. Fortunately, signing a legally binding contract has become a norm in today's digital world, and you can do it in minutes. All it takes are a few clicks, no matter where you live and at any time of the day.

Signing a contract online can be challenging for unfamiliar people. Whether you’re a business owner or an entrepreneur, this guide walks you through our online digital signing platform that can help you sign documents easily.

Why sign a contract online? 

The practice of digitally signing legal documents has gained popularity in recent years for several compelling reasons. Firstly, it's especially convenient. Because using a digital signature service for signing legal documents will eliminate the need to print, sign, and return paper copies via postal service, fax, or email. As a result, contracts can be signed easily, saving time, money, and energy for both parties.

Secondly, you do not need to worry about the security of signing a contract online. Encryption and two-factor authentication are two of the advanced security features of various popular platforms. Because of this, sensitive information is protected, and the possibility of fraud is minimized.

Thirdly, signing a digital contract is environment-friendly. By eliminating the resources such as paper, ink, and shipping, online contract signing minimises waste and conserves natural resources.

Lastly, signing a contract online also facilitates team collaboration and communication. In this way, both parties can sign contracts, share files digitally, and work together in real-time, speeding up the process of getting on the same page and finishing projects.

In short, digital signatures have many benefits, including reducing paperwork, improving safety, minimising environmental impact, and encouraging better teamwork and communication. 

How To Sign Contracts Online?

Follow the step-by-step process for online contract signing with Dedoco:

Step 1:
You can register for a free trial with our digital signing platform.

Step 2: Upload the contract from your computer or file-sharing platforms like Google Drive or Dropbox)

Step 3: Add the name and email address of the signing recipient. You can also add a contract observer for the signing process.

Step 4: Drop in the signature tags in the location where the recipient is required to sign

Step 5: Once all signers have signed the document, it will be automatically finalized and stored securely in your Dedoco account. You can then download a copy of the signed document or share it with others via email.


  1. Are digitally signed contracts legally binding documents? 

Yes, contracts that are signed digitally are legally binding. Digital signatures are legal in most countries, including the United States and countries that are part of the European Union. They have the same legal effect as traditional signatures on paper documents. Digital signature technology checks the signer's identity and uses encryption and other security measures to ensure the document hasn't been changed.

  1. Do recipients of the contract require a Dedoco account? 

Recipients of the contract do not need to sign up for a Dedoco account to sign a contract. Documents will be sent via email, and they can review and complete the signing process without creating an account.


Online contract signing continues to evolve and has become the future of business since it is easy, safe, and legally binding for companies of all sizes. Fortunately, there are many digital contract signing services to choose from. Dedoco is one of the best platforms because of its security and efficiency, which lets you sign, monitor, and keep track of contracts online. With us, you can ensure your contracts are secure due to industry-leading encryption and authentication methods. Also, the platform provides several convenient features that speed up the signing process and increase efficiency.

With Dedoco, you can sign contracts electronically from anywhere in the world. No matter the size of your business, we offer a flexible and reliable solution that can streamline and improve your contract management procedures, resulting in significant time and money savings.

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