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How Different Industries Benefit From Using Digital Signatures | Dedoco


E-signatures are revolutionising the way documents are handled by consumers and corporations alike. With the world growing increasingly digitised and the need for faster, smoother transactions, digital signatures are starting to play a significant role across different industries. A digital signature is a specific type of electronic signature that meets the technical needs and requirements of highly regulated industries.

The increasing adoption of digital signatures has been driven by pandemic-induced necessity, and businesses that have made the switch have benefited from user authentication, security, convenience, ease of access, productivity and ultimately profitability. Many industries, like human resource, legal and government sectors, have previously relied heavily on wet ink signatures and have benefitted the most from the shift to e-signatures and digital signatures.

Human Resource

Human resource is a vital part of any business and plays a significant role in any company’s success. The world of human resource is full of employment contracts that need to be signed, freelance contractors that need to be paid, and company policies that need to be endorsed. HR professionals have to deal with getting signed approvals on documents ranging from the mundane to the highly essential, all containing confidential and sensitive information. All this can sometimes be hard to manage and control, especially while manually tracking signatures and approval workflows. 

Speed up HR work with digital signing solutions by Dedoco

Digital signing solutions offer great benefits to a company’s HR team. They speed up processes like employee onboarding and turnover as well as employee declarations. They reduce work inefficiency and delays caused by waiting for and manually checking and chasing signed approvals. Beyond just the HR team, a company that adopts document management and digital signing solutions is then optimised to work more efficiently, significantly contributing to the bottom line.

Legal Industry

Legal documents have traditionally been signed using wet ink signatures. However, digital signing is fast gaining acceptance as an alternative that verifies signatory identities, is more secure and even tamper-proof. Digital signatures now carry the same significance and weight as wet ink signatures and in most cases, can be considered trustworthy and recognised by law.

There are a few steps to take in ensuring the veracity of digital signatures which are carried out by accredited certification authorities.  Once those steps have been taken, a secure electronic signature can be used on a number of documents to accelerate tedious legal processes and make them more efficient. There is also more transparency as an audit trail is made available to use as forensic evidence.

Government Sectors

Covid-19 grounded entire nations to a halt. It also forced government sectors to adopt new measures for document management and signing. With people forced to stay home under lockdowns, e-signatures and digital signatures quickly became a norm, accelerating government digitisation in many countries.

Woman digitally signing with stylus Dedoco

With citizens in most developed countries being comfortable with, and wanting more, digital experiences, governments can cater to their needs by offering digital signatures as a convenient alternative. This means you don’t have to take time off work to go down to a government office just for a routine document signing. It can all be done from the comfort of home or remote locations where identities can be authenticated and signatures, verified and securely captured.

There has never been a better time to switch to digital signing for your business or organisation. Digital signing solutions today are based on advanced technology and are secure, easy, convenient and reliable. This can help streamline work processes to increase efficiency and productivity. With the ubiquity of technology today, identities can be authenticated through sophisticated methods that are painless for the consumer. Legally binding, e-signatures can be adapted for almost any industry, while digital signatures are more suitable for highly regulated industries.

Looking to reduce friction in your organisation’s digital document workflow? Make the switch to digital signing with advanced signature verification and data protection. Get in touch with us via our contact us page to request a demo of our industry solutions.

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