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My Dedoco Internship Experience - Paul Schwinn


Name: Paul Schwinn

Course/University: Computer Science, University of Applied Science Cologne

Period of Internship: 17 October 2022 to 16 January 2023

Internship function: Programming Intern

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My Dedoco Internship

I was excited, when I received the confirmation email that I could start my internship in October. I have been active in the crypto space for some time now and was really curious to see how blockchain is being used in business use-cases beside the crypto part.

What I really enjoyed while doing my internship

What I liked about my internship experience was the team spirit I witnessed at Dedoco. As an intern I felt like being part of the team. I felt like my work was valued across the team and useful compared to other tasks that just feel boring and unnecessary. I really enjoyed seeing the parts I've researched being used and valued.

Challenges which I encountered during my internship

The more challenging parts would be the research part and the testing of the code base. The blockchain space is still very experimental when it comes to the programming part and the documentation of some steps could still need some help. 

Sometimes it was very frustrating testing some features using the documentation and then the code was not running as it was supposed to because the documentation was outdated.

What I learnt from my internship

I have learnt more about programming, in both the actual programming part but also the non-programming part such as using git. Using git helped me a lot and by the end of the internship I was able to use git to solve problems with my code.

My advice for internship:

1. Ask for help if you are really stuck on a problem.

2. Write down the steps so you can resolve the problem by yourself the next time you encounter it.

3. Always show that you are interested and want to learn more. 

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