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My Dedoco Internship Experience - Asher Lim Yi


Name: Asher Lim Yi

Course/University: Computer Science, National University of Singapore

Period of Internship: 5 December 2022 to 6 January 2023

Internship function: deLab Software Engineering Intern

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My Dedoco Internship

Entrepreneurship has always excited me. So when I had the chance to intern at Dedoco, it felt like a no-brainer given my interest in the tech industry. Dedoco is a startup seeking to revolutionise the area of trust technology, utilising cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain and the latest developments in cryptography. Consequently, it would provide me with valuable exposure to the tech industry.

I interned as a deLab engineer. Simply put, I was part of a team that would research ways to develop existing products or even brainstorm new ideas to accommodate different clients. My main role was to look into a new method of authentication that could potentially be integrated into the existing app. My internship was a particularly enriching experience because I was also exposed to the many moving parts of a start-up. Not only did I refine my technical skill and learn more about blockchain, but I also gained insight into product design, inter-departmental communication, and the entrepreneurial mindset.

What I liked about my internship experience

Despite being an intern, I was still assigned meaningful tasks which would have an impact on the company. I also loved how I got to work with many experienced people in the industry. Overall, I felt like I was part of a family. The office was more than just a place for people to work and it created an environment characterised by flexibility and trust. It was a breath of fresh air.

Challenges Faced

Given my limited time as an intern and my relative inexperience in the industry, learning the ropes proved a difficult task. Luckily, my colleagues were more than ready to help whenever I ran into any problems, offering me wisdom gained from years of experience in the industry in the process.

What I learnt

This experience opened my eyes to not just the tech industry but also the area of start-ups. It has changed my perspective towards career planning, making me a lot more open to different possibilities. I also gained insight into the mindset I should have as I start my future career.

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