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3 Tips For Companies Going Digital | Dedoco


As new technologies emerge and are increasingly adopted, companies have to adapt to the pace of digital transformation or risk being left behind. Reshaping well-established industry norms and workplace practices to fit into a digital-first environment is a significant challenge for business leaders.

 3 Tips For Companies Going Digital

Executing a successful digital transformation involves clarity of vision, transparency over objectives, partnerships with the right stakeholders, and proper training for staff. Before you can reap the rewards of digitising your workflows, proper ground work has to be done to ensure that your organisation is ready for the transformation. Here are some tips to help companies digitise.

1) Get Everyone On Board

Get Everyone On Board Quickly-digital signing solutions

Pushing through major changes to business processes and operations requires buy-in from everyone in the company. From top management down to lower-level employees, the entire organisation needs to be aligned with a clear vision for digital transformation. Communication is essential, and employees need to understand the value-propositions of transformative new technologies and be given ample time to adapt to the new business practices.

Dedoco’s digital signing solutions have a clear value proposition - to support organisations on their digital transformation journey through improved productivity, cost-savings, simplified business operations, all while ensuring strict legal and regulatory compliance. We are committed to providing trust and security to document workflows. Collectively, our suite of enterprise apps and APIs are powered by a broad trust engine which ensures that all digital records are traceable and verifiable, even by third-parties. This is all done while documents remain securely in the clients’ own data repository to protect the integrity of the information contained within, enabling complete regulatory compliance. 

For companies looking to venture towards virtual signing, the merits of the technology have to be clearly communicated to employees to encourage adoption of new digital processes. Once employees understand the core purpose behind changes and how it benefits the organisation and them, the transition to going digital becomes more frictionless and less painful.

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2) Work With The Right Provider

When it comes to organisational change, no one size fits all. It’s important to be able to customise digital solutions to fit your unique operational needs. Creating strategic partnerships with technology providers offers companies a chance to obtain the maximum benefits from digital transitions while also reducing friction from a mismatch in expectations and delivery.

The biggest challenge concerning the switch away from intensive paper-based processes is rooted in security and privacy concerns. In the third quarter of 2022 alone, a total of 108.9 million online accounts were breached. Quarter-on-quarter, this represents an increase of 70% as compared to the second quarter of 2022.

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Navigating this cybersecurity landscape is a difficult task for organisations looking to adopt digital signing solutions and increase usage of e-signatures. At Dedoco, we believe the solution lies in enterprise Web3 adoption with decentralisation, true ownership of documents, digital identification and tamper-proof verification.

Our suite of products include:

  • dSign - A document signing solution that uses advanced signature encryption and verification
  • dVideoSign - A signing solution with security enabled video and virtual room functions
  • dCert - A tamper proof decentralised digital certification

We work closely with our enterprise partners to find the right product that can suit their business model whether it is something ready-to-use or custom solutions. We also provide options for you to create custom workflows with our open API environment for developers.

3) Train Your Staff

Train Your Staff-digital signing solutions

Successful digital transformations are more than providing the right tools and technologies to your employees. You need to ensure that every level of your organisation has the capabilities and knowledge of best-practices in order to take full advantage of new digital infrastructure. 

In order to bridge skill gaps, comprehensive and focused training has to be conducted to empower existing employees to become competent users of new digital technologies. Developing in-house training programmes and encouraging a culture of innovation and workplace efficiency can go a long way in driving digital transformation.

In choosing the right solution provider, it is also important to consider how intuitive and easy to adopt their solution is and if they provide options of a ready-to-use or customisable solution, like Dedoco.

In the market for digital signing solutions or want to make the switch to secure electronic signatures? Dedoco is a decentralised digital document signing platform that provides clients across various sectors with trusted and verifiable next-gen document solutions that can integrate with existing platforms. Contact us today to learn more about our plans and subscriptions, or send us your questions. Our support team will get back to you. 

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